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Volvo Roadside Assistance

Total peace of mind

As a valued Volvo owner, we are pleased to provide you with complimentary roadside assistance for the duration of your Volvo warranty coverage, both new car and extended warranty policies.*

We also offer the opportunity to extend this coverage under our Volvo Service 2.0 program once your Volvo has left the warranty period. With each service, you will receive a 12 month Volvo Roadside Assistance extension if the service is completed by a Volvo-authorised service centre. Volvo Service 2.0 applies to all Volvo models up to six years from the warranty start date.

Should you require assistance or further details relating to Roadside Assistance, please feel welcome to contact our Customer Care Centre on 1300 787 802, who are available Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm (EST). For more information on Authorised Body Repairers in Australia, click here.

*Commences when the vehicle is first reported as sold to Volvo Car Australia. Volvo Car Australia Extended Warranty products only (12/24 month options).

Volvo Roadside Assistance Policy

In the unlikely event that your Volvo encounters a mechanical breakdown, you can benefit from our complimentary Volvo Roadside Assistance Program. This service offers you total peace of mind 24 hours a day every day Australia-wide. Volvo Roadside Assistance is not just there to get you going again if your car breaks down. It is also there to assist with human-error mistakes like running out of fuel or locking your keys inside the car. Should you require roadside assistance, please call 1800 186 586 and quote the VIN number indicated on your vehicle’s compliance plate.

The Volvo Roadside Assistance program is valid for the length of the manufacturer warranty (New Car and Extensions) and is also provided under the Service-Activated Roadside Assistance Program. Please note that some assistance is subject to specific monetary allowances and all decisions about the provision of benefits are at the discretion of the Volvo Service Provider. The following program explanation is not inclusive of all potential eventualities and you are welcome to contact our Customer Care Centre should you require more details or have any further questions. The contact number is 1300 787 802 and the office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST).


Events covered

  • Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Flat Tyres
  • Flat Battery
  • Locked In or Lost Keys
  • Out of Fuel


  • Mechanical assistance at roadside
  • Towing if your vehicle is unable to be mobilised at roadside
  • Emergency fuel provision
  • Change of tyre/wheels
  • Replacement battery service
  • Taxi fare
  • Driver Mobility
  • Urgent message relay
  • Arranging appropriate transportation for your vehicle and passengers
  • Accommodation


Mechanical Related

The Volvo Service Provider will attempt to rectify any non-collision or non-insurance related mechanical failures that have disabled the vehicle and made it unsafe or unable to be driven.

Non-Mechanical Related

The Volvo Service Provider will attempt to assist your vehicle should it become disabled due to an automotive related (non-mechanical) incident as described below.

Wheels and Tyres

The Volvo Service Provider will replace the damaged tyre/wheel with the vehicle's serviceable spare, where it is roadworthy and compatible with the other tyres/wheels on the vehicle.  Where the spare is not serviceable, roadworthy or compatible, a tow to the nearest facility able to supply and/or repair the tyre/wheel will be provided at the driver’s expense.

Where your vehicle has a tyre repair kit (sealant gel and inflation pack) in lieu of a spare tyre but the repair kit is not suitable to affect a temporary repair, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest tyre repairer or dealer at Volvo’s expense, unless the gel kit is unavailable or unmaintained, in which case, assistance can be arranged at driver’s expense.

Flat Battery

The Volvo Service Provider will provide a ‘battery boost’ and any other practical assistance at the roadside to start your vehicle.  Where your vehicle cannot be made mobile at roadside and it is determined that a new battery is required, the mobile delivery of a replacement battery will be arranged if available. Inside the battery warranty period, the costs will be at Volvo’s expense, otherwise, the driver will be charged for the replacement battery. Where your vehicle cannot be mobilised at the roadside, a tow may be provided at Volvo’s expense.


Where your vehicle is unable to be accessed due to lost or locked in keys and where the Volvo Service Provider is unable to arrange the pickup and delivery of the owner’s spare key, the Volvo Service Provider will attempt to open your vehicle.  This action will be subject to satisfactory proof of ownership or owner authority to drive the vehicle.  The owner or the owner’s representative (the driver) may also be required to sign an indemnity, releasing the Volvo Service Provider and Volvo from any liability should damage be caused by such entry.

Where necessary, a tow to an authorised Volvo dealer will be arranged at Volvo’s expense or where requested by the driver, the attendance of a locksmith can be arranged at the driver’s expense.

Out of Fuel (Not LPG)

Wherever possible, the attending Volvo Service Provider will provide sufficient liquid fuel to enable the vehicle to be driven to the nearest service station.  Where it is not possible or practical to provide liquid fuel, a tow will be provided to the nearest service station at the driver's expense.


Where your vehicle cannot be made mobile at roadside, towing will be provided under the following circumstances:

Metropolitan Towing

Towing will be provided to the nearest authorised Volvo dealership. 

Country Towing

Towing will be provided to the nearest authorised Volvo dealership. 

Alternative Towing Destinations

Towing can be provided to the drivers preferred authorised Volvo dealer, provided the authorised Volvo dealer is located within 50 kilometres of the nearest authorised Volvo dealer to the breakdown location. Any additional towing costs will be at the Driver’s expense 

Caravan/Trailer Towing

Towing may be provided at Volvo’s expense for caravans or any other form of trailer body while being towed by an eligible vehicle which has experienced a roadside breakdown and requires towing.  Any additional or alternative towing requirements will be at the driver's expense. Volvo Premium Roadside Assistance will not be provided for caravans or any other form of trailer body being towed by your vehicle in the event that the trailer or caravan encounters a breakdown. In all cases, the decision regarding whether a vehicle requires towing will rest solely with the Volvo Service Provider.

Taxi Service

A taxi journey will be offered to the driver of your vehicle if the vehicle cannot be mobilised at roadside in the metropolitan area and where your vehicle has been cleared for towing by the Volvo Service Provider.  A taxi fare will be provided from the incident site. 

Driver Mobility

Where your vehicle becomes disabled under the specified incident criteria and a taxi service is not sufficient, Volvo will collaborate with the driver to make suitable arrangements to enable the driver to continue their journey. Driver Mobility incidents will be managed on a case by case basis.

Urgent Message Relay

The driver of your vehicle will be provided with assistance to relay urgent messages to friends, family or business associates, together with advice on local transport.  In metropolitan areas, the use of the Volvo Service Provider’s mobile phone will be offered.

Off-Road Assistance

Off-Road Assistance will be provided where a vehicle of an All-Wheel Drive configuration becomes bogged or disabled on a road that is legally trafficable by conventional four-wheel drive vehicles and where the driver has attempted to extricate the vehicle. This is limited to one claim per year.

Customer Support Services

The following Customer Support Services are provided should your vehicle become disabled as a result of a mechanical failure greater than 100km from the registered home address of the owner and where your vehicle will, as reasonably determined by the Volvo Service Provider, be disabled for a period greater than 24 hours. Customer Support Services will be extended to the driver and up to four passengers of the vehicle.


Accommodation will be provided for up to three nights should your vehicle become disabled under specified incident criteria where the vehicle is over 100km away from home and is disabled for more than 24 hours. Accommodation benefits will be managed on a case by case basis. 


Remote Areas

Where your vehicle breakdown occurs in a remote (sparsely populated) area, Volvo Premium Roadside Assistance will be provided by the Volvo Service Provider. However, service delivery may be subject to lengthy delays as a result of the distance to the breakdown location, Volvo Service Provider availability and accessibility.

Towing Limitations

Towing will only be provided for your vehicle weighing less than 3,500kg GVM at the time of breakdown. If your vehicle exceeds this limitation, towing will be offered at the driver’s expense.

Service Limitations

Volvo Premium Roadside Assistance services will be refused where the Volvo Service Provider attends a roadside assistance call and under initial inspection reasonably determined that:

  1. the vehicle has been participating in any form of motor sport; or
  2. the driver has been engaged in unlawful activity or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or
  3. the vehicle has undergone major body modifications; or
  4. There is a perceived safety risk in the opinion of the Volvo Service Provider.

Trafficable Roads

Service will only be provided to vehicles disabled on constructed roads/driveways that are legally trafficable by conventional two-wheel drive vehicles and the towing/recovery vehicle (where required) as determined by the Volvo Service Provider. There are exceptions for vehicles with an All-Wheel Drive configuration. (see Off-Road Assistance)

Vehicle Rescue

Where your vehicle becomes disabled off a legally trafficable road such as beaches, fields or creek beds, vehicle rescue may be arranged at the discretion of the Volvo Service Provider at the driver's expense.

Bogged Vehicle Recovery

Service will be provided to your vehicle if it is stranded on a trafficable road and no special equipment, such as power winches or extended cables, are required. Further assistance may be available to nominated vehicles with an All-Wheel Drive configuration.

Special Equipment

Should special equipment be necessary to effectively deliver service and/or where the Volvo Service Provider has to return to their service facility to obtain this special equipment, there may be an additional cost involved which may be charged to the driver.

Natural Disasters/Industrial Disputes

Volvo reserves the right to alter and/or offer alternative assistance where a natural disaster, such as a flood, storm or fire, or an industrial dispute places extraordinary demands on the provision of service.  Where your disabled vehicle cannot be reached, the Volvo Service Provider will attempt to provide whatever alternative assistance is practicable under the circumstances.  Any such assistance will be at the discretion of Volvo and will not be unreasonably withheld.

Collision / Accident

Where your vehicle is damaged as a result of a collision/impact with any object, including mechanical failure, or for any other incident generally covered by motor vehicle insurance, the vehicle will not be provided with towing under this program.  However, towing assistance can be arranged at the driver's expense.

Home Assistance

Assistance for vehicles will be provided at the home address in the same way as at roadside.  However, during times of peak demand, ‘at roadside’ calls will be given priority over that of ‘at home’ calls for assistance.

Unattended Vehicles

If your vehicle is found to be unattended, service will not be provided under any circumstance.  The owner or the driver must wait with the vehicle until the Volvo Service Provider arrives.  Where the owner has elected an authorised representative to remain with the vehicle, this representative must hold a current motor vehicle driver’s licence in case it is necessary to move the vehicle.

Where your vehicle is found to be unattended and peak demand or any other circumstance inhibits the Volvo Service Provider’s ability to wait, the roadside assistance job will be aborted.  Any subsequent calls for service deemed by the Volvo Service Provider to be for the same incident will be at the driver's expense.

Attempted Repairs

Where the Volvo Service Provider attends a roadside assistance call and under initial inspection reasonably considers a third party attempt to repair the vehicle has caused damage and the vehicle cannot be started or driven without further risk of damage, service may be refused.  Any assistance under these circumstances would be at the driver's expense.


Volvo and its service providers will accept no responsibility under any circumstances for security or loss associated with a disabled vehicle’s cargo which may result from delays in providing roadside assistance and/or towing.


Taxis are exempt from services under this program.  Service may be offered to a Taxi at the driver’s expense.

Neglect and/or Abuse

Volvo will not be responsible for additional or increased costs and expenses as a result of the following:

a)    Additional costs resulting from product abuse or neglect by the owner/driver of a vehicle. In these cases, assistance will be offered only at driver’s expense.

b)    Repeated incidents by an owner/driver of a similar nature in which it can be reasonably determined that the frequency and/or type of incident is as a result of the owner/driver negligence. In these cases, Volvo will suspend service to that owner/driver and shall notify all parties of this suspension within thirty days of receiving notification.

Repair Costs

Volvo will not be responsible for any costs in relation to parts or any other associated costs for the repair of your vehicle, other than those specified by this program and the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty policies (both New Car and Extensions).

Vehicle in Dealer Care

Where Volvo is required to attend to a roadside breakdown while your vehicle is in the care of an authorised Volvo dealer, the Services will be provided by Volvo Premium Roadside Assist at the expense of Volvo. 


Your personal information is collected by Assist Australia Pty Ltd to enable us to administer and provide you with roadside assistance, including arranging services to be supplied to you by third parties where appropriate. Assist Australia may exchange your personal information with Volvo, our roadside assistance contractors and our related bodies corporate, agents, sub-contractors and other service providers (such as call centre providers, towing operators, accident management providers, car rental companies and information technology providers) for these purposes and any other purpose you have consented to or as authorised by law.

If you provide personal information about another person to us or our agents or contractors, you warrant that this information is provided with the consent of the individual concerned and that you have the authority to act on their behalf.

For more information about how Assist Australia approaches privacy, please contact Privacy Officer at Assist Australia, Level 9, 459 Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 or by email at or read our Privacy Policy (available at Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can gain access to or seek correction of personal information that Assist Australia holds about you. It also contains information about how you can make a privacy complaint and how Assist Australia will deal with it.

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